Maciej Hartliński


PhD, Assistant Professor


Institute of Political Science
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn


Szrajbera 11, 10-007 Olsztyn, Poland


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Social media

Twitter: @hartlinski

Publication (1-3) on party leadership and political parties
  1. Hartliński et al. (2015), Party leadership in post-communist countries: Selected issues, in: M. Hartliński (ed.), Przywództwo partyjne w państwach postkomunistycznych. Olsztyn: University of Warmia and Mazury, p. 283-296.

  2. Hartliński M. (2014), The selection of party leaders on Poland: Democratization of rules and predictability of results, Polish Political Science Review 2(2): 5-21.

  3. Hartliński M. (2013), Contemporary "Prince". Influence, the Position and Authority of Party leaders, South-East European Journal of Political Science 1(4): 131-146.