Vincenzo Emanuele


PhD, Post-doctoral fellow


LUISS Guido Carli


Viale Romania 32, 00197 Roma, Italy


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Social media

Twitter: @Vinceman86

Researchgate: Vincenzo_Emanuele3

Academia: VincenzoEmanuele

Publication (1-3) on party leadership and political parties
  1. Emanuele, V. and Chiaramonte, A. (2016), 'A growing impact of new parties: mith or reality? Party system innovation in Western Europe after 1945', Party Politics, Online First, DOI:10.1177/1354068816678887.

  2. Emanuele, V. and Marino, B. (2016), 'Follow the candidates, not the parties? Personal vote in a regional de-institutionalised party system', Regional and Federal Studies, 26(4), pp. 531-554.

  3. Emanuele, V., Maggini, N and Marino, B. (2016). ‘Gaining Votes in Europe against Europe? How National Contexts Shaped the Results of Eurosceptic Parties in the 2014 European Parliament Elections’, Journal of Contemporary European Research. 12 (3), 697 - 715.