Emilia Zankina


PhD, Associate Professor


American University in Bulgaria


1, G. Izmirliev Square, 2700 Bulgaria


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Researchgate: Emilia_Zankina

Academia: Emilia_Zankina

Publication (1-3) on party leadership and political parties
  1. “Populism and the Construction of Political Charisma: Post-Transition Politics in Bulgaria”, B Gurov, E Zankina, Problems of Post-Communism 60 (1), 3-17 3.

  2. “When Less Means More: Influential Women of the Right – The Case of Bulgaria”, E Rashkova, E Zankina, in K. Celis and S. Childs (eds.) Gender, Conservatism and Political Representation, 2014, ECPR Press.

  3. “A King and a Premier: Construction of Political Charisma and the Return of Simeon II to Bulgarian Politics,” with Boris Gurov, Sociology and Economy, Vol. 1, Issue 4/2011, pp. 21-36.